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Skip Loaders

Skip Loaders

Skip Loaders

Procompactor Skip Loader

Procompactor skip loaders are developed and designed to carry containers of non-compactable solid wastes.
It has a structure with extension arms that can also be modified.

Stabilizing arms on the loader shall be manufactured horizontally or vertically depending on the state of the load. Six hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders support the hook-holding systems available on the equipment.

Skip Loaders are usually smaller vehicles, often smaller than a standard car. The arms that control the shovel come forward from the back of the truck and sit the container onto the vehicle from backward.

Capacities we can supply 8 ton to 25 ton.

Skip Loaders     Skip Laoder


A Skip Loader is a type of truck that is equipped with a mechanical arm and a skip, or large container, for collecting and transporting waste. These trucks are commonly used in waste management and recycling operations to collect and transport a wide range of materials, including garbage, construction debris, and recyclable materials. The mechanical arm on a Skip Loader is mounted on the back of the truck and is used to pick up and move the skip. The arm can be extended and raised or lowered to load and unload the skip, making it a versatile and efficient tool for waste collection and transportation. Some Skip Loaders also have additional features, such as a compactor for reducing the volume of waste or a vacuum system for sucking up liquids and other materials.

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Skip loaders, also known as roll-off trucks, are heavy-duty vehicles that are designed for waste management and transportation. These vehicles play a crucial role in ensuring efficient waste disposal and are widely used across various industries and residential areas. In this article, we will delve into the mechanics of skip loaders and understand how they work.
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Working Principle of Skip Loaders:

Skip Loader, Waste Truck
Skip Loader, Waste Truck

Skip loaders are equipped with a hydraulic arm that is used to pick up and transport large containers, also known as “skips,” that are filled with waste material. The working principle of skip loaders involves several steps, which are as follows:

  1. Loading the skip: The hydraulic arm is used to pick up the empty skip from the ground and place it onto the bed of the truck. This arm can be controlled from the cab of the truck, making the loading process safe and efficient for the operator.
  2. Transporting the skip: The loaded skip is then transported to the disposal site, with the waste material contained within it.
  3. Unloading the skip: Upon arrival at the disposal site, the hydraulic arm is used to lift the skip off the bed of the truck and place it on the ground. The waste material is then unloaded from the skip and disposed of in the designated area.


Advantages of Using Skip Loaders:

  1. Efficient Waste Management: Skip loaders make waste management a breeze by reducing the number of trips required to transport waste material to the disposal site. This results in a more efficient and cost-effective waste management system.
  2. Safe Transport: Skip loaders are designed with safety in mind, with the hydraulic arm being controlled from the cab of the truck. This eliminates the need for workers to leave the truck and reduces the risk of injury while handling waste material.
  3. Versatility: Skip loaders are versatile vehicles that can be used in a variety of industries and applications. From construction sites to residential areas, skip loaders are a reliable and efficient waste management solution.



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Skip loader

Skip loaders are a crucial component of the waste management industry. With their efficient working mechanism and numerous advantages, skip loaders make waste management a hassle-free process. Whether you’re in the construction industry or managing waste in a residential area, skip loaders are an essential tool to consider.



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