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Welcome to ProCompactor I Waste Management Simplified! 

ProCompactor provides a variety of superstructure equipment and vehicles for the waste management industry.
Procompactor was established in 2005 in Izmir city of Turkey as one of the first Refuse Truck Manufacturer in Turkey.
It has then moved its production to Konya City for a better production facility thus started production for a variety of other superstructures and municipal equipment.

The World population has been increasing rapidly, human lives have long extended the quality of living time. Since the Industrial Revolution, there has been an increasing demand for the production of many goods and households thus the waste and leftovers have become an issue to deal with therefore Waste Management has become a priority to deal for every single human being.

Human leftovers, waste materials should either be recycled or eliminated by safety methods. Thus, avoiding wastage can improve the quality of our lives and living space as well as help climate change slow its phase. A healthier life, a healthier living space, and for a more sustainable world, the World needs carefully and neatly managed waste management methods.

This is where ProCompactor comes on stage by providing the following types of equipment such as:

  • Garbage Trucks, Refuse Garbage Trucks
  • Vacuum Tanker, Vacuum Trucks
  • Combi Jetting Vehicles, Sewer Cleaning Vehicles
  • Canal Jetting Trucks,
  • Hooklifts, Hook Loaders, Skip Loaders
  • Telescopic Aerial Platforms, Crane Mounted Vehicles
  • Road & Street Sweepers
  • Fire Fighters & Rescue Vehicles 
  • Beach Cleaning Vehicles
  • Tractor towed equipment for cleaning streets

We move 20 years of experience in the production of superstructure equipment for waste management into the international arena with ProCompactor brand. With our team of experienced and qualified team of production, we aim to introduce our practical products and quality to municipalities and private waste industry companies.

We ship our equipment worldwide such as  South America, North Africa, Europe, and Asian Countries.

What we offer:

– Reliable Service
– On-time projects,
– Assistance on installations
– Spare parts supply for Equipment
– Remote Emergency Assistance within 24 hours of the event.
– Technician Service within 3 days of the event to worldwide clients

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