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ProVac 8.000 lt Combined Sewer Jetting & Vacuum Truck

ProVac 8.000 lt Combined Sewer Jetting & Vacuum Truck   Combined sewer jetting & vacuum truck is a combination of two processes that are used to maintain combined sewer systems. The first process is sewer jetting, which uses high-pressure water to flush out debris and blockages from the pipes. The second process is vacuum truck […]
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Procompactor Road Sweepers are vehicles that are used to keep streets, roads, pavements, and other hard surfaces clean and free from dirt. They are Equipped with garbage, dust collection bin, and cleaning system, special structure special operation vehicle used to remove and collect any material on the roads, streets, highways and etc.

Truck-Mount Vacuum Type Road Sweepers

Vacuum Type Road Sweepers     As a way to combat traffic congestion and improve air quality, most cities have opted   Truck-Mount Vacuum Type Road Sweepers that help to sweep streets of debris. These sweeping vehicles typically use a jet nozzle to shoot water on the street, which both loosens and removes debris from the surface. […]
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