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Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platform

Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platform



Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platform are a type of crane that has been designed with the purpose of minimizing safety hazards and environmental impacts by lifting loads at a fixed elevation. Telescopic aerial platforms, in particular, are created to allow companies to meet safety and regulatory requirements since they offer significant improvements over traditional boom cranes in terms of stability and control. Telescopic aerial platforms work by extending telescoping booms from forks or lugs mounted on the platform base. The instability of the ground surface causes problems for construction teams. For example, the ground may be uneven, causing footing that is unstable. Different types of jobs require different types of equipment to overcome these challenges. Telescopic aerial platforms are used for work at heights, including the installation of roofing products, chimneys and antennas on buildings.
Construction teams use telescopic aerial platforms to install roofing products, chimneys, and antennas on buildings at height.


Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platform
Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platform


Procompactor, one of the market-leading companies in the industry in lifting solutions, specializes in the manufacture, marketing, design, and after-sales of truck-mounted articulated platforms and telescopic platforms.

Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms are used for reaching the desired elevation for many tasks including bridge maintenance, electric towers, building structure work, and many other tasks that require elevation equipment.

Truck Mounted Aerial Platforms may reach up to 30 meters working height and they are installed on light and medium-light trucks of all brands and chassis configurations. A variety of other lifting equipment is also offered for more altitude up to 65 meters with different specifications by using crane equipment mounted on trucks.

Procomapctor uses the best materials in the production of Aerial Platforms.

One of the key advantages of Truck Mount Telescopic Aerial Platforms is their versatility. With the ability to reach heights of up to 100 feet or more, these vehicles are ideal for a wide range of tasks, from simple maintenance tasks to complex construction projects. Additionally, the extendable nature of the aerial platform allows it to be positioned in a variety of angles, making it easier to reach hard-to-access areas.

Another advantage of Truck Mount Telescopic Aerial Platforms is their mobility. Unlike traditional cranes, these vehicles are mounted on a truck chassis, making them highly portable and able to travel to various job sites with ease. This eliminates the need for multiple vehicles and reduces the time and effort required to transport heavy equipment from one site to another.

Truck Mount Telescopic Aerial Platforms are also designed for ease of use and safety. With modern technology and design, these vehicles are equipped with advanced control systems that allow the operator to control the aerial platform from the ground, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Additionally, these vehicles are often built with durable materials that can withstand the demands of heavy use, reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

The use of Truck Mount Telescopic Aerial Platforms also has environmental benefits. By reducing the need for multiple vehicles and heavy equipment, these vehicles can help to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, making them a more eco-friendly option for various tasks. Additionally, many Truck Mount Telescopic Aerial Platforms are equipped with features like low-emission engines and energy-efficient systems, further reducing their environmental impact.



14-16-18-20 meter telescopic aerial platforms

Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platform
Truck-Mounted Articulated Aerial Platform


Technical Specs on Telescopic Aerial Platform

Platform Working Height : 14MT  – 16MT – 18MT – 20MT
Platform Height : 12MT  – 14MT – 16MT – 18MT
Tower Rotation: 360 ̊ (± 180)
Working Radius min : 9Mt
Basket Capacity : 200kg – 250 KG .
Basket Dimensions Min. : 750x1000x1100




1-Frame; Since it will carry towers the booms (arms) are manufactured with high strength profile or sheet material to be resistant to static and dynamic loads.
2- The chassis shall be connected to the vehicle chassis by hairpins or sheet plates and shall be detachable from the vehicle chassis when necessary. In the chassis, the places where the hairpins are tied will be boxed and no crushing or deformation will occur. The nuts to which the hairpin is connected shall be double-checked or fiber-tight.
3- Reinforcement sheet shall be provided in the areas where the legs are welded to the frame.

Retaining Legs:

1-Hydraulic platform shall have four legs which provide static and dynamic balance during operation.
2-The legs shall be connected to the frame to be manufactured in the form of box construction mounted on the frame.
3-Legs the operation will be as horizontal press.
4-feet in the shoes to be found, these shoes in all kinds of terrain vehicle to keep the balance in the design will be.
5- The control center of the foot pistons shall be on the left side of the vehicle.
6- The legs will be driven by hydro-mechanical control arms. There will be a plate showing the control directions printed in a way that can be understood by the user in the part where the foot controls are located.
3-7-Foot pistons shall have a lock valve.
3-8-Feet shall be made of high strength St 52.3 sheet.


1-The tower shall be made of high-strength St 52.3 sheet.
2-The tower will have the ability to rotate 360 ° (± 180) on its axis, rotation process; The gear system consisting of sintered metals and balls shall be made by means of reducer and associated hydro motor and pinion gear.
3-The rotation gear to be used and the ball seats capable of turning by hand shall be heat treated. There will be no gaps and itching in the gear. No tooth cavities will occur during rotation.
4-Hydraulic platform provides the ability to control valves to be mounted to the tower cheek also valves will have a housing cover that protects against external conditions.

5-Control buttons and lever will be in enclosed boxes. The control panel shall be mounted on a suitable location of the tower sidewall or on the chassis and there shall be a printed plate with signs and inscriptions guiding the user.
5-Hydraulic hoses shall be carried to the booms as concealed as possible.


1-Working height of 14-16-18-20 meters will be reached with 2 fixed booms and one telescopic movable boom.
2-Booms shall be manufactured from high-strength imported steel. Yield shall be made  of a telescopic sheet of 690 N / mm
3-The carrying capacity of the booms is 7 mt. the lateral extension of the boom in a position parallel to the ground 200 kg. (The test load shall be 250 kg.) The basket shall provide the lifting load.
4-Boom sections will be calculated as a result of the dead weight will be minimized. The welding wire to be used in the welding of the booms shall be selected in accordance with the sheet.
5-Booms shall be of telescopic design with protruding from each other. The bearing of the booms in each other shall be provided with Delrin blades. These blades will be connected to the booms with recessed bolts. The dimensions of the bearing brackets shall be suitable for working for a long time in safety to meet the surface pressure.
6-Boom sections will be calculated as a result of the dead weight will be minimized. The welding wire to be used in the welding of the booms shall be selected in accordance with the sheet.
7-The telescopic cylinder shall be mounted on the first boom in the form of a horn bearing so that the telescopic booms move within each other. Will be able to make free rotation during the movement of the piston booms. Booms will work synchronously.



1-The basket shall be made of fiber material and shall be of sufficient size to allow two persons to work.
2-The basket shall be designed in such a way that it can be easy to get in and out.
3-The basket shall be mounted to a frame-mounted to the boom with steel bolts.
4- lighting purposes in -Sepet, field energy from the vehicle battery joint with halogen projector to be found.
5 – There will be a panel where all the controls of the platform are together. Lifting capacity of basket min. 200 Kg. It will be. Phosphorous warning strips will be drawn to the back of the basket. The same lanes will also be available on the vehicle bodywork.



1- Carcass made of box profiles shall be made on the chassis and 3/2 decorative printed sheet or aluminum shall be covered.
2- Connection places shall be welded. Welds shall be ground and cleaned with chemical material after welding.
3-On the left side of the body, there will be a material cabinet (dimensions of 40 x 30 x 100 cm). There will be sheet mudguards and mudflaps on the rear tires.
4-At least two steps (from checkered sheet material) shall be made to ensure the ups and downs on both sides of the vehicle.



1- Hydraulic pistons providing the functions of the hydraulic platform shall be manufactured with honed steel pipes according to DIN 5291 ( St 52 BK + S material). There will be no scratches, bumps, and ovality in the pipes.
2-Piston shafts (according to DIN 11191) 50-micron chromium-nickel coated, grinded Ck 45 or St 70 material.
There are additionally safety pins in the connection nuts of the piston mounts.

3- Compact seals and special alloy nutring seals shall be used as sealing elements in the pistons. The machining tolerances of the seal seats in the piston elements shall be appropriate.
4-Hydraulic system shall be suitable to work in series.

5-Hydraulic oil tank shall have the capacity suitable for the system, level indicator, temperature indicator, suction and return filters shall be present in the tank cover and ball valve shall be mounted on the pump suction hose at the bottom.
6-The hydraulic pump is driven by the power take-off, the nominal working pressure to be at the appropriate pressure and flow rate shall be at least 210 bar. The operation of the pump will be ensured by means of the control button inside the vehicle cabin.

7-Hydraulic hoses min. 210 bar working pressure-resistant double-layer braided R2 AT quality.. Hose connection records shall be press type. Hoses shall be passed through closed spaces as much as possible. There are no nicks, cuts and excessive contraction in the hoses.

8-Hydraulic line pipes are made of St 35.4 steel drawn pipe as phosphate, the cross-section of the system will be suitable for transporting the oil without heating, radii and crushes shall be paid attention. Welded jointing system shall be used in the connections. Pipe wall thickness shall be able to meet the system pressure safely.

9-Pressurized oil is controlled to be operated valves Turkey origin. Valves permeability would be suitable for the oil flow and the speed.
10-foot control of monobloc chest VDEL control valve s used and will over-pressure safety, the tower and also the valve will control the pressure relief of the basket.

11 to -Methods solenoid valves will be identical to the voltage of the car batteries. 12-Excessive pressure increases that may occur in the hydraulic circuit shall be prevented in absolute terms. Solenoid valves where s is mounted plates Cartridge type safety valve must be. All pistons shall be equipped with pilot-controlled over-center valves which ensure safety in hose bursts. Preventing the falling of the piston and piston rod for holding the foot load lock valves are used. These valves shall be fixed with bolts on the pistons.
13-In case of any failure, a hand pump with a mechanical arm that allows the collection of booms and legs shall be mounted on the oil tank. The flow rate of this pump is 25 cc. will not be less than.



1- GSn Bz 10 bronze bearing material will be used in all articulated bearings. This bearing shall be tightly fixed to the steel bed and fixed with sticks. There are oil channels in bronze bearings and there will be grease slots for lubrication.
2- Shafts shall be manufactured from Ck 45 material within appropriate dimensions. Bearing tolerances shall be within appropriate dimensions.


1-Hydraulic platform controls shall have an electrical, proportional hydraulic system. The platform can be controlled by joysticks from the control panel on both the tower and the basket.
2-Emergency stop button shall be present in the system for emergencies.

3-When the platform is activated, the signal lamps that start to blink will be mounted to the bottom of the basket. A round iridescent warning light shall be installed in the Platform Tower.
4-Equipments used in electrical systems are IP65 insulation standard and cables will be fully insulated. Boards water, dust, etc. shall have the property of sealing. In the Control panel joysticks is bellows type, it will have sealing properties.




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