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Delivery of 16 cbm Refuse Garbage Compactor Truck

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Delivery of 16 cbm Refuse  Garbage Compactor Truck

Procompactor Refuse Garbage Compactor Trucks are vehicles that are equipped with a superstructure that is designed to collect and compact the universal waste from trash bins onto its body and move to bigger waste treatment facilities.

A refuse garbage compactor truck is a specialized truck that is equipped with a hydraulic compactor system. The compactor system compacts the waste material in the truck’s container, reducing the volume of waste and allowing the truck to transport more waste per trip. This not only reduces the number of trips required to transport the waste to a landfill or processing facility, but it also reduces the amount of fuel required to transport the waste, making it a more environmentally friendly solution.

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We would like to present Technical Details for the delivered Refuse Garbage Compactor Equipment here.

– Superstructure volume 16 m3
– The capacity of the box is 16 m3
– The capacity of the tailgate is 1.8 m3
– Chest shape: rounded
– The floor thickness of the box:4 mm
– The thickness of the side panels: 5 mm
– The roof thickness of the box: 4 mm
– Loading tank sheet thickness: 6 mm HARDOX 450 wear-resistant steel material
– Waste compaction rate is 6: 1

– The hydraulic superstructure system designed with the possibility of proportional regulation of the speed of all functions.
– Work cycle: automatic continuous, automatic single, and manual single.
– Possibility of simultaneous collection and compaction of waste
– Two-way pressure plate hydraulic cylinders
– Beep / operator-driver button
– STOP switches are placed on the left and right
– STOP switch in the cabin to stop the operation
– Controls for expelling waste from the tank and for compressing waste, behind the cab
– Emptying the superstructure with a command from the cab of the vehicle
– Automatic lifting device for buckets and containers of 80 l, 120 l, 240 l, and 1100 l (standard EN 840) with automatic hydraulic control
– Hydraulic cylinders for lifting the rear gate
– A pipe for draining wastewater from the receiving chamber with a drainage valve of 2 inches
– 2 unit rotating orange lights installed on the back of the superstructure
– A light has been installed for night work of waste collection
– Hydraulic controls for rear gate opening and emptying are located on the front left side behind the cab
– Two-handed gate lowering controls located on the rear left side of the superstructure
– Manual waste compaction cycle
– Metals Grills for lower and upper rear lights
– Pressure plate type of compaction system
– Possibility to correct the distance between the receiving cylinders of the container (limiter)
– Possibility to automatically increase the engine speed when turning any of the commands
– Automatic unlocking/locking of tailgate provided when opening/closing
– Possibility of the single and continuous automatic cycle, with a duration of one compaction cycle up to 25 seconds
– 2 unit foldable type landing platforms for operators on the back left and right with the indication of the presence of operators
– Limitation of the vehicle’s speed, in the presence of the operator, to the max. 30 km / h speed without the possibility of reversing
– The superstructure is designed to enable safe operation in accordance with occupational safety regulations (EN1501-1: 2013 or EN1501-1: 2011 or equivalent)
– 2 unit handrails installed on both rear sides for operators
– 2 unit working LED headlights for night work
– A built-in Camera installed on the superstructure to monitor the working area behind the vehicle with a color LCD monitor installed in the vehicle cab
– All control boxes protected against water and dust according to IP67 protection
– Protection and paint made with a thickness of 100 microns (all elements are sandblasted, and thoroughly painted with two-component epoxy coating, the final layer made of two-component polyurethane paint and drying is done in a drying chamber at elevated temperatures)
– A broom and shovel installed on the front of the superstructure
– A frame for number plates with lighting installed on the upper part of the superstructure.





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