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Procompactor Crane Mounted Garbage Trucks are designed to gather municipal solid wastes and refuse to transport them to waste treatment facilities. With its crane-mounted equipment, the vehicle is able to lift underground containers to empty the trash into the tailgate of the compactor then able to wash and disinfect the containers.

Crane Mounted Garbage Trucks and Equipments

Crane Mounted Garbage Trucks Crane Mounted Garbage Trucks come in different sizes and are able to handle all types of refuse. Heavy-duty steel construction provides an extremely durable unit for any size job. The crane-mount garbage trucks are ideal for waste management companies that need to lift, load, and dump underground containers refuse into a […]
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Vacuum Suction Truck Equipment

Vacuum Suction Truck Equipment Vacuum Suction trucks are one of the most common ways to move sewage. These trucks use a suction device that sucks up sewage and then pumps it into a tanker truck or backup tank to be transported and dumped somewhere else. Vacuum trucks are large, diesel-powered vehicles with giant hoses on […]
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